Developing Reading Comprehension Skills 1

•Reading: Webster tells us that reading is

“to receive or take in the sense of (as letters or symbols) by scanning; to understand the meaning of written or printed matter; to learn from what one has seen or found in writing or printing”.

•Reading : Christ Manullang, “Reading is thingking”.
•Reading: Wiki “Reading is just tracking symbols on every page with your eyes and sounding them out without meaning.
•Reading, Francis Bacon (1625), “reading means every words or just groups of symbols that stand for the names of things, actions, and ideas that you see, hear, smell, touch, or taste everyday
•Reading, NN (no name), “reading is about constructing meaning from the symbols (letters and words).
•Reading according to Parlin Pardede n Situju Nazara, developing reading coprehension skill 1 (2010:1) said that “reading is a complex skill that is not learned all at once.

So, Reading Comprehension Means???

•Reading comprehension is a highly interactive process that takes place between a reader and test. (learn Journal)
•According to Francis Bacon, “Reading comprehension means knowing and remembering the ideas that you find as you read.
•Reading comprehension is essential to life.

So, to simplify the experts opinion above we can make schema which we can see bellow:

•So, this is the strategy how do you solve the problem in understanding in reading, we monitoring our own understanding and clarify the text.

Introduction To The Reading Comprehension Meaning, Done!!!!


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